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We are El Paso’s trusted choice for Exceptional Senior Living. We love and serve seniors with the finest, innovative, person-centered approach to Assisted Living and Memory Care. Residents of Simpatico Senior Communities enjoy an active lifestyle in a wonderful neighborhood where they can easily connect with church, family and friends. With two locations serving the families of El Paso, we’d love to introduce you to our exceptional lifestyle for seniors!


Committed to
Excellent Care

Our promise is to provide a level of quality service that will ensure our residents enjoy the lifestyle they so richly deserve. We value the trust our residents place in us and strive daily to maintain that trust. Our satisfaction comes from knowing we've met or exceeded the quality of care residents expect from Simpatico. Simpatico is committed to providing superior service, a friendly, caring staff, and dignified housing to its residents.


Spacious Rooms and
Common Areas

With apartments designed to feel just like home, there are several spacious floor plans available. Our apartments have warm and inviting layouts, adequately equipped with many safety features. We offer great options for you, learn more about El Paso assisted living and how it can benefit you.


Active, Fun and
Friendly Lifestyle

We’re fond of saying that every day at Simpatico is like a reunion of good friends and family. It’s that approach to life that makes living in our community so special. Of course, we’re also very proud of the lifestyle and many wonderful features. Simpatico offers an exceptional residential environment for individuals seeking a dynamic and rewarding retirement lifestyle.


We seek to provide an environment where elder individuals from all cultures can thrive, deeply connected to their community with these seven principles.


Dignity and Cultural Identity

We respect every individual's inherent worth, embracing their unique life stories and cultural heritage. This principle underpins our commitment to inclusivity and personal dignity, honoring the rich tapestry of diverse backgrounds.


Empowering Companionship

We create a supportive network to alleviate loneliness, fostering a sense of community spirit and nurturing relationships. We believe in the strength of companionship as a fundamental human need that transcends cultural boundaries.


Dynamic Engagement

We combat boredom by offering a range of meaningful activities that stimulate the mind, body, and spirit. Activities are designed with sensitivity to cultural differences and are aimed at promoting personal joy and fulfillment.


Nature and Heritage Integration

We connect our residents with nature, incorporating the outdoors into our care setting. This principle links environmental engagement with the sensory stimulation vital for mental well-being, and it's adaptable to various cultural perspectives on nature.


Shared Responsibility and Empowerment

We place our residents and their families at the center of care decisions, promoting collective well-being, mutual respect, and shared agency. This empowers individuals to feel involved and valuable, counteracting feelings of helplessness.


Innovation and Evidence-Based Care

Our leadership champions continuous learning, integrating the latest advancements in medical science and gerontology, while also preserving the valuable elements of various traditional healing methods. This approach respects the wisdom found in many cultures, combined with modern scientific evidence.


Holistic Wellness and Nutritional Tradition

We prioritize balanced health, combining the benefits of various cultural cuisines, rich in antioxidants, with the latest nutritional science. This approach fosters brain health, overall wellness, and a joyous communion over shared meals.


Simpatico Cielo Vista Senior Living

7949 Sunmount Dr.
El Paso, TX 79925

Simpatico East Senior Living

1991 Saul Kleinfeld Dr.
El Paso, TX 79936

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Simpatico Cielo Vista

7949 Sunmount Dr.
El Paso, TX 79925

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Simpatico East

1991 Saul Kleinfeld Dr.
El Paso, TX 79936

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